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Dive into the mysterious world of Magnus RE:set

Follow a unique cast, starting with Lena in Chapter 1, on their own personal adventures as they are confronted with their own struggles and challenges.

Experience a magical world, fight dangerous monsters and make new friends in this classic turn-based RPG with a world that changes based on your decisions!

Baku - (Project Director)
Mori - (Lead Artist)
Zebby - (Composer)
v0idless - (Background Artist)

Check out the soundtrack here!

Install instructions

1. unpack the file with "WinRar" or "7zip"
2. go into the folder "Magnus REset Chapter 1"
3. double click on "Game"
4. that's it... you can play the game now.


Magnus REset Chapter 1.zip 714 MB


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This game is amazing! I really enjoyed playing this one, A+ on the story and world exploration. Exploring rewards the player and this game has just that. Not a long intro which can bored some players, short and sweet and straight to the point. Music is Wonderful, the character design is well done, professionally drawn, and the world and tileset goes with the environment. This rpg caters to the Fantasy and sci-fi players alike and it gives the player that feel for both. This game has humorous moments and also edge-of the seat events. I would love to see more and this game to completion. Great Work!!!!

Full gameplay here: